Sunday, December 19, 2010

18 Dec 2010, Changi Offshore Fishing

Here we go again, another trip for our kaki's again but many kaki's were not in town and four of us meet up at our usual meeting spot at Changi Village for breakfast.

Only Kaki's Koh L Y, Lim SS, Lim P C, Chao S J are on board.

We set off at 8.00am after getting 1 kg of live prawns at nearby fishing tackle shop.

Makan Time.

Setting off  
Steady, I 'm seasick pill.

Here we go, casting our first line with the boat captain Ah Tee.
First fish landed by Captain Ah Tee, 1.5kg Talang Queenfish

.Kaki's Koh first Catch, 1.5 kg Duskytail Grouper, Kaki's helping to unhook it
Captain Ah Tee landed another grouper again.

Where d fishes? 
So xian, all the fishes gone where? 
Heading for home. 
Catch of the Day.
3 groupers
1 Queenfish
1 Pink Ear Emperor

02 baby groupers 

I be back.

Well, the result this time are far better than our previous trip at changi naval base. That all for month of Dec 2010 offshore. Jan 2011, more offshores more oversea kelong.

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